Vacationing in Spain? Here’s Why You Should Not Miss Being In The Beautiful City Valencia

Nothing on earth is more relaxing and rejuvenating than getting that perfect break from the dull life. Exploring different places, meeting new people not only widens our perspective but also create memories for lifetime.

Spain is one such beautiful country where you’re guaranteed to find everything be it beautiful landscapes, splendid beaches, vibrant nightlife, delicious cuisine, valleys, cliffs, lakes and forests. Also, with the availability of customized Spain Tour Packages, any traveler can find loads of things to do regardless of budget and length of the vacation.


When it comes to vacationing in Spain, people likely to envision bustling Barcelona or Madrid. However, the country also boasts of many other beautiful cities that go unexplored by most of the travelers, one of them is Valencia. It is the third largest city in Spain gives travelers a completely different look on its long and glorious past and offers a unique traveling experience.

Here are some more reasons why you must take a trip to the city of Valencia:

Turia Gardens:- Created at the end of the 20t century, Turia Gardens are the best example of world-class landscape architecture. These gardens boast of footpaths, sport areas, leisure and romantic spots, making it the perfect place for joggers, cyclists, families and nature enthusiasts.


Malvarrosa Beach:- It is one of the most famous beaches in Valencia and is home to bars, restaurants and sports areas. With a length of 1000 meters and an average width of 136 meters, the Malvarrosa Beach is bordered by the sea and equipped with numerous amenities.


National Ceramic Museum:- Even if you don’t like to visit a museum, National Ceramic will leave you gawk at its unique collection of ceramic pieces from the Greek, Iberian and Roman periods.


City of Art and Sciences:- It is the most popular attraction in Valencia that spans over five buildings and covers 350000 square meters. Since the day of its inauguration, it has attracted over 5 million visitors to the city. Indeed the best place to discover science, space, art and nature.

Excited already to be there?

Then why not take the assistance of a well-qualified tour operator to get the finest and the cheapest Spain packages available. No matter whether your prefer an adventurous tour, Wildlife tour, Beach tour, Culture tour or architectural tour, a tour operator will take care of all requirements from air & hotel bookings to the itinerary planning.

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