Thailand - A Land That Attracts Global Tourists

The tourists across the world dream to go to Thailand. But there are few people who know the details and sightseeing attractions which are present in this country. There are many routes from where one can reach this place and enjoy a colorful vacation. Most of them prefer to take the Pattaya or the Phuket routes. This country has much more options than just these two. It is fun to explore these options during Thailand tour packages with the help of the travel agents. Some of the major tourist attractions in Thailand are as follows:

Floating market - It is one of the ways to undertake some form of shopping and at the same time support the local vendors. But the only point to be noted is that you need to visit this market in the week hours of the morning as most of the vendors are out in the long wooden boats with their vegetables, fruits, and other dishes. There are several floating markets in Thailand with Damnoen Saduak being the most popular. One can go alone or join a guided tour that can include visits to the local shops.


Grand Palace in Bangkok - This location involves roaming on the beach, cuddling up to the elephants, the obvious fact is that you will be ending up spending a few days in Bangkok. There are plenty of things to see in Bangkok, but it would be a great idea to stay in the Grand Palace. It is the number one tourist attraction of the city and is the flagship of culture and heritage of the country. Allow yourself a lot of time at this attraction during Thailand tour packages and if you have time you can pay a visit to the other major landmarks. Famous among them are the Wat Arun and Wat Po, which are located nearby. Bangkok is a major international hub and tourists flock to this part of the country for further diversions

Koh Phi Phi - It is one of the popular resorts in Thailand, and a host of reasons can be attributed to it. It is one of the places in the world where you tend to come face to face with monkeys. You need to be careful as otherwise they will hang on to your treats as well. If you want to watch the setting sun, Long Beach would also be a great idea. For Natural lovers, it is the best location to be at.

There is so much to see in Thailand that one has to plan out Thailand tour properly from where one should start and where one should end the trip. Most of the tour operators provide a package of either 10 days or on the higher side 15 days. This depends on the number of tourists in the group. The ideal travel time is 10 days. You have the choice to visit north of Thailand, south of Thailand and then Bangkok.


So to avoid the hustle and bustle of your daily life, and to find solace in the lap of nature rush to Thailand at the earliest!

Author’s Bio: The writer of this informative article is a leading tourism expert. He has explored various Thailand Tour Packages from Ahmedabad and shares his reviews with readers.

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