Singapore Tour Packages From Mumbai To Discover The City In A Garden

Dismissed as sterile stopover long ago, Singapore is now regarded as the hotlist destinations of the world. The most aspiring ‘City in a Garden’, Singapore, is an absolute wonderland for all things green and natural. Take a city bus and you are sure to end in the rainforests musically rustling with Racket-tailed Drongos and Monkeys. Muddy wetlands are filled with giant lizards, lobsters, whereas the sleepy farms are full of jackfruits, bananas and fragranced papayas. Simply hop on a bumboat and cycle through the island’s paradise. Those who like to stay central can escape to the Botanic Gardens. Welcome to the friendly place with the oh-so-Singaporean

Singapore tour packages from Mumbai.

Singapore Holiday Packages


The small Asian country located in the continent’s South Eastern Part, Singapore is a dynamic city attracting tourists from all across the globe. Being rich in color and contrasts, Singapore has plenty of tourist attractions. Get to see the magnificent blend of arts and culture, cuisines and beautiful architecture. Singapore tour packages from Mumbai is very exciting and they can be availed at exciting discount offers. Find the sleek skyscrapers, serene gardens in Singapore which makes the place truly adorable.

Singapore: The land of contrasts

Travelers who visit Singapore enjoy the sharp contrasts here. Smoky temples can be located amid the shadows of skyscrapers, the luxurious condominiums moving onto the jungles, the old and traditional shop houses harboring modern cocktail dens. Experience Hong Kong in the wet markets of Singapore and locate the malls of Chinatown. The region is complex but addictive, contradictory but amiable. This Asia’s little red dot will never stop you from swooning.

Sentosa Island for beach lovers

Are you a sun lover or a beach lover? If it is so, you cannot afford to miss out on the Santosa Island. The offshore island in Singapore is now developed into a major tourist destination. Discover the biggest shopping center, the Vivo City here. Do a bit of shopping and take up a cable car to reach the island. Explore lavish hotels, resorts in the Sentosa. Activities like sun tanning, swimming, rides, sightseeing, dining, etc, are worth enjoying here.


Bird watching in Jurong Bird Park

Jurong Bird Park has fabulous wildlife settings. If you love watching birds, why not visit the Jurong Bird Park, where you discover ten thousand species of birds.


The magnificent green retreat

Plan a week in Singapore and take a peek at the Botanic Gardens. It has been reflecting subtle aesthetics and distinctive artistry. Exquisite gardens here have colorful and long history showcasing a profound link between art and nature. Singapore is a host to a number of horticulture attractions including Ginger Garden, National Orchid Garden that offers a plethora of recreational activities. Nature lovers can indulge in a variety of activities like photography, wildlife watching and seeing the forest giants.


Head towards the sophisticated Singapore island resort and indulge in the oasis of refinement and unique charm. It takes just 15 minutes from the city to reach Sentosa Island which is the blend of quaintness and gorgeousness. Explore a multitude of tourist attractions by taking up Singapore tour packages from Mumbai.


Author Bio :- The author truly believes that learning befriends a traveler. Singapore tour packages from Mumbai is the finest way to unwind and stay amid nature.

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