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Kerala is known for its diversity that it offers to its tourists and travelers. Diversity not only in its natural landscapes like hills, beaches, coffee plantations but Kerala serves up to be diverse in nature in every possible form it can. Diverse in food, through the various cuisines it has to offer, diverse in its cultural form through various representations. And diverse of-course in its natural beauty which might come as a haunting beauty to you if you are in Kerala- The God’s Own Country. Kerala Tours can never be complete if you fail to see the rich diversity that Kerala offers in every form through your own naked eyes. Much has been talked about, how vibrant Kerala is, how gazing beautiful those fields are, how peaceful those beaches look and moreover how you can visit this and that, being around nature, how easy it is to find the ‘typical’ South Indian Food and how you can simply gorge onto the best delicacies and live in your favourite hotels which are in the lap of nature. But one thing which needs equal importance and the way it has been as the integrity of Kerala is its festivals.

The festivals that are celebrated in Kerala are beyond comparison to any other thing that you might ever come across. And if you are lucky enough to witness any of these famous festivals of Kerala then you should thank your stars. Infact, the best time for your Kerala Tours would be the time wherein you plan your itinerary and Kerala Tours according to these festivals. Here is a list of certain festivals which forms the pride of Kerala and which will make your trip down to Kerala worthwhile, for you would experience something unique, different and still like it.

ONAM : This is a renowned festival which lasts for 10 days, Celebrated in between the month of August-September, it is better known as the harvest festival. This festival is usually celebrated when the rain god blesses the tourists in Kerala and people enjoy this festival and be a part of this festival through the incessant rain pouring down. The most notable feature of this festival is that it includes outdoor games and activities, the much famous boat-race and even the Kathkali dance which turns out to be as a show stopper. Onam is celebrated with great devotion and spirituality for the home coming of King Mahabali who used to rule Kerala during the ancient times. You can also witness tiger play and rangoli in this 10 day festival. Make sure you mark your presence during the time of Onam to carry some beautiful memories with you.


VISHU : Vishu is said to be the new year of the Malyali People based on the ancient mythological calendar. This festival is celebrated with great devotion and spirituality so that the New Year kick-starts with a bang and the new year brings love, happiness and prosperity to the lives of the people. April is the time when this festival is celebrated and also Vishu being a harvest festival, it also brings pleasant weather conditions. Malyalis begin this day by looking at ‘Kani-kanal’ which is prepared the previous night and offered to the garlanded deity of Krishna. The major attractions of this festival, which lures the eyes of people around are payassam, fire crackers and vishu kanji.

THEYYAM FESTIVAL : Being an 800 year old festival, this festival is something you might have often come across while watching television wherein people wear masks and dance around. You can visualize four hundred types of cultural dances which are performed by people who are dressed as deities. This is nothing less than a spectacular sight to watch. The performer here goes through three stages of learning which includes the first stage being adorning themselves with colours, mask and flowers, the second stage being self torture while the third stage involves dancing on a rhythm. This festival brings an altogether new level of charm and charisma not only to the performers but to all those people who gather around to watch this amazing performance taking place. This festival usually goes on from December to April and the mythological stories are enacted through the Dance Of God’s performance. Theyyam falls in the best time of the year when the weather is not very harsh rather it is pleasant setting a good atmosphere for the performers to perform the dance.


KERALA BOAT FESTIVAL : The Kerala Boat Festival is perhaps one of the most famous thing in the world. Often seen in posters and on television but the experience of watching it through your naked eyes is just beyond comparison. These boat races and the boat festival is taken lace in the famous back-waters of Kerala. There are huge boats of various sizes who fight for the pole-position and to win this race. With a large chunk of enthusiastic people on the boat, up for this race, you can find team work and encouragement all around. The Kerala Boat Race is usually held during the time of July-September. There is no particular reason for the celebration of this festival but it is usually related to the various temple gods of Kerala or held during the time of Onam. But whatever it is, you cannot mis out on this amazing race.


Author’s Bio : The author of this article, Vishal loves to travel is a wanderer and feels that Kerala Tours should be arranged during the time when the festivities are on its full swing and moreover apart from all the natural beauty people can also witness and be a part of these festivals,then only will the Kerala Tours be complete.

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