Dubai: It is indeed one of the best cities in the world

Traveling is something that leaves us speechless and amazed isn’t it? We experience so many wonderful and beautiful moments, things and places when we travel that it leaves us with amusement and happiness. It gives us memories to cherish and experiences to share. In this beautiful planet that we live on, we have so many options for places that are worth going to. One such place is a really nice city in the United Arab Emirates. This city is non other then the very popular, loved city Dubai. Dubai is indeed one of the best cities in the world and planning a good trip to this city isn’t very difficult thanks to the lovely Dubai tour packages that are available.

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There is so much of beauty in this city. It has so much to offer and it has something attractive for all kinds of people. Over here you would get to see everything from shopping malls and restaurants, hotels to beaches and even the desert. Dubai is a destination with a lot of energy and is very vibrant. It isn’t difficult to understand why people would love Dubai tour packages so much.

In Dubai there are a lot of places and things, which are worth experiencing and exploring. Out of the many options here is a suggestion for you.


Hit the Jumeira beach :-

This serene destination is located in the city’s Jumeirah area. It is a white sand beach called Jumeira beach and is one of the best sights you can have in Dubai. The beach lies on the Persian Gulf. The lovely Jumeira beach stretches along the south coast of Dubai to the junction of Palm Jumeirah. This place has a lot of re hotels, resorts and residential developments that exist along the beach. It is a wonderful place to spend time at and it would be a lot fun to hangout at this beautiful beach. Hotels like the Bhurj Al Arab, the Jumeirah beach hotel are famous landmarks near the beach. Wild Wadi is also a popular place near to this beach. Hitting the Jumeira beach is sure to be fun on Dubai tour packages.


It is nice to make proper plans for you tour. It helps you in making the most of the time available to you. That is why you must choose from suitable options. Something like Dubai tour packages by flamingo can be a great option to plan your trip.

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