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European tours are supposed to be the tours across the globe. Among all countries, Norway is supposed to be the most beautiful countries among the tourist destination. It is a nothing less than a paradise for the nature lovers. The mountains, fjords, and the beautiful lakes will leave you amazed. The air is so pure in this beautiful country – it is so pure that every portion of the city dwellers has an excellent glow on the skin. In the recent times, Norway has become the hottest tourist destinations – the reason being there are many things to be explored during your trip to Norway. The museums and parks are worth seeing which one should never give a miss.

Oslo, the capital of Norway, seems to be a very small place in terms of the area a population but the attractions it provides to the tourists is immense. This small city has a large collection of museums and various other monuments which exhibit the Scandinavian culture – you will find both modern and historic buildings in this city during your visit. The Norway tour will help you explore few of them.


Opera House of Oslo :–>

The opera house in this capital city was inaugurated way back in 2008, and it is a must visit place for every tourist. The opera house is boldly built using granite, and you would not believe the place has been built using 36000 white marble slabs. The main attraction of this opera house is that it is partly submerged into the sea. The cost of building this architectural masterpiece is about US$700 million – and when you look at it, you would feel as if a large block of ice has been rising along with its ropes and slabs. It houses both Opera House and Norwegian Ballet.

Vigeland Sculpture Park :–>


This amazing park is situated towards the western side of Oslo – it is built in the larger Frogner Park. The main attraction of the Vigeland Park is the granite and bronze sculptures. These sculptures have been created by Gustav Vigeland and hence the park has been given this name. He is among the most famous sculptors in Norway. You during the Norway packages get the chance to explore more than 200 such sculptors made by him. Besides this, there is a museum which is open for the public from Tuesday to Sunday all across the year. You can enjoy in the park during any season in the year it is open for 24x7.

Nordkapp :->


Also known as the North Cape, is a must see for the travelers who want to bask themselves under the midnight sun. The sun never sets here between May 14th and July 29th. Since it is located in the northernmost point of Northern Europe, it is connected via an efficient road network. It is also 300 meters above the Arctic Ocean level and, for this reason, it happens to be a summer destination and attracts close to 200,000 million tourists on an annual basis.

Be sure to cover all these places as part of your Norway packages!

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