4 Best places to visit in Singapore when you’re here with your family

Singapore might not be that big “physically” but it sure is an economic mammoth in itself. You also probably might have heard people calling it a multi cultural land, that is because it resides in itself the Indian, Arab, Malay, Chinese, English cultures and religions. This land is just not vivid in its cultures and religions, but is also wealthy in variety of tourist attractions. Its unique cultural tapestry manages providing visitors with a vast array of culinary and sightseeing opportunities to choose from. Singapore also offers luxury hotels, great shopping options and delectable cuisine.

A few other tourist attractions you must keep in your mind while you’re on your Singapore Tour Packages:

Singapore Botanic Gardens:

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This place is a boon for those tourists that are running tight on their budget as most of these gardens are free of cost to enter. Except the National Orchid Garden, which has the most footfalls across the garden. This garden features more than 60,000 species of flair and fauna. This tropical garden is also a UNESCO world heritage site.

Gardens By the Bay:

This place is a recent addition in the list of top tourist attractions in travel with Singapore packages. Opened less than a decade ago, this place is one such place which the garden loving people won’t want to miss at any cost. This garden is divided in 3 parts - Bay central, which is a garden with waterfront park connecting the other two parts; Bay south, the largest of the three that exhibits tropical horticulture and tree like structures that are interconnected with walking trails at a height of about 50-meters and influence the garden’s panorama, and Bay east, which is being opened in parts as the sections get completed.


Raffles hotel:

Raffles hotel is a graceful colonial style hotel which also makes up as the face of Singapore. Many known celebrities and renowned writers like Somerset Maugham, Rudyard Kipling , etc., have known to stay in this hotel and to add to its fame since the day it has opened its doors to the public in the year 1887. This paradigm of luxury brags 15 bars and restaurants including long bar where the famous cocktail Singapore Sling was invented. As you are about to enter the hotel premises a Sikh doormen stands there to welcome and greet you to this piece of Southeast Asian history. The hotel has a hidden museum on the 3rd floor.


Resorts World Sentosa:

Located on an island away from Singapore, this place has something to everyone, no matter what age are they of. This place features restaurants, hotels, theme parks, casinos and what not. Being present on an island obviously the attractions centre around the sea: Dolphin Island, Marine life park, an aquarium and a water park. It also features the Universal Studios Singapore. Don’t be alarmed if you get too choosy when it comes to food, the resort has over 60 different dining options.

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